Website development
Effectively for 20 years in WordPress

“Code is poetry” – everything starts with this slogan and the WordPress is in part of my life since 2005.

Lot of things has changed so far, but I thanks to WordPress for beginning programming in PHP and Javascript. I started more deep learning in HTML and CSS because of WordPress custom theme development. Then come in to my life the MySQL, the Linux and so much more.

Sitebuilding by custom webdesign

This is my favourite. I working with many graphic designers and creative people who have their profession and passion. I got the webdesign in Figma/PSD/AI/Sketch/XD format and I create the working website in WordPress.

Website development from premium themes

I recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have enough money, time or desire to create a unique webdesign, but wants a nice looking website. There are many premium themes for WordPress that I can customize and do in less time and more cost-effectively.

WordPress developments, maintenances

Any development. Whether it’s about exporting users, database cleaning, optimization or WordPress plugin development, I’m happy to help.

Custom websites


I implement any webdesign. No matter what you give, you get back the same, exactly the same.

Kept promises


I cannot make a website by tomorrow. However, I will keep the agreed deadline. Always.

No bullshit


I won’t bombard you with technical jargon, I’ll explain the work process clearly. I have transparency and straight.


Pirex internal webshop development in WooCommerce

SAP CRM system product, stock, order and all sales data synchronization and integration into the WooCommerce web store.


Attila is always fast and works precisely. As a designer, I am very happy with his sensitivity to design and his attention to the smallest details. In addition to the fact that I have always received quality work from him, he has often improved the results of our joint work with very creative solutions.

Ábris Gryllus - Media artist, Designer

Attila and I have been working together on smaller and larger projects for 11 years. I mainly draw him out of the hat as a joker for clients whom creative design, trends, quality and forward-looking, long-term thinking are very important.

I recommend him to those who really want to entrust web design, website development, web programming and everything that the expression “we are on the web” means today. Because it is important how.

The strength of his approach lies in the fact that he knows everything related to the development of websites in depth. At the first partner consultation, he often has better ideas than those who run the business.

Attila is a very special person with a lot of experience, good intuition, and a professional attitude.

With its partner-oriented solutions it takes a lot of the burden off our shoulders.

He is an open, honest person, not many of whom I know, he is determined, he knows what he wants, and he takes it all the way!

Attila Kónya - featured, certified Google AdWords PPC manager and Google Analytics online expert

I think Attila Bacsó is an excellent expert. He created all the internet interfaces for my businesses, and I believe that we will continue to work together. I highly recommend him.

Attila Nagy - chairman, Yacht Club Team Black Jack

Attila is accurate, fast and reliable – that’s natural. However, it wasn’t just once, he has been taking care of our site for years, and we would like to have him prepare the next development as well.

Attila Pőcze - managing director, Vintage Gallery

I have been working with Attila for years, his professional knowledge and problem-solving skills are exceptional, so I bravely started working together with him. If I had to recommend a professional developer, it would be him.

Fecó Tóth - freelance art director

He is always available, proactive and flexibly suits to situations. This makes Attila our distinguished partner in everything that concerns our web structures. The proof of his professionalism and outstandingly active participation are the personalized, unique solutions that we brought to success together. He has great expertise and responds well to challenges. A real partner!

Frédéric Germanaz - business director, Mobilia-Artica Ltd

I started working with Atti 20 years ago, we fought through serious things, sitting at the same table for several years. He was one of the few people who put his hands on the computer and all kinds of windows started to slide. I like this kind of company: colleagues who, while being creative, are not obstuct by technology, but a well-rounded tool. They are solution people. This industry has been bringing us to work since the 90s, and I know that he also learns something new every week. More than 1,000 weeks have passed since then.

Oscar Horváth - company manager, Inteliza Inc.

Attila is the most reliable developer I have ever worked with! I’ve been (un)lucky with many other developers.
You can always count on him and he is amazingly helpful. So you don’t try to explain why something can’t be done, you try to figure out how it CAN be done.
Last but not least, he always keeps what he promises and this – no matter how strange it sounds – is a great rarity and an incredible advantage in this profession.

Peter Kremmer - managing director, DekoRatio Branding & Design Studio

Attila is perhaps the only computer programmer in Hungary who has a master degree in communication. Not only does he understand the business, but he reads our minds. We can work together very effectively. His business vision has already protected me from several of our mistakes. (Thank you, Attila!) In these cases, he protected our wallets from ourselves at his own expense. For me, this means professional dedication. It is no coincidence that we have been working together for 20 years.

Zoltán Szécsényi - CEO & CFO, Clean Center Ltd.

Accurate, fast and precise. He does his work to a high standard and with honor. His ideas are amazingly brilliant and he is very creative. I recommend it to those who want an informative and sophisticated website.

Zsolt Hódi - shift manager, OEM Technik Hungary

Attila Bacsó is an extremely professionally prepared web developer with the latest knowledge of today, who has designed and developed many excellent websites for my businesses. His creativity is outstanding, and due to his extensive experience, his websites are not only beautiful, but also work well with interactive social media interfaces and are suitable for conducting effective online communication through them.

Attila also has outstanding values as a human being, which he has demonstrated in his everyday life for nearly 25 years. He handles projects with a holistic approach, is extremely committed to his partners, you can always count on him, his word is equal to a contract. I strongly recommend it to everyone.

Zsolt Pető - managing director, Euroshow Ltd.


Whatever you’re working on, it’s important to deliver what you promised. It’s good if you have ready-made solutions for everything, but if you don’t have one, find yourself and search – Google is your friend. It’s good if you improve every day and what you wrote last week, you want to do even better next week. The goal should always be 100%, but sometimes you have to settle for 99 to finally complete the code.