Csodálatos Magyarország WordPress website building and programming from the scratch

I built this news portal from custom webdesign to my own grid system with the help of WordPress with a lot of custom developed functions.

Magyar Turizmus Media is Hungary’s leading tourism media group and we have been working together for more than 5 years. Csodálatos Magyarország is also the result of this successful cooperation. The webdesign was made by Fecó Tóth, and we created our first joint website, the hajozas.hu online magazine, with the company’s founder and owner back in 2016, for which we also created a classifieds system and much more.

The partnership has remained, and Zoltán the owner, is constantly looking for new opportunities and expanding the portfolio with new online magazines. The WordPress original theme, which I created back in 2016 based on Fecó’s web design, has already gone through many transformations and I have already migrated it to several sites (e.g. Csodálatos Balaton, Csodálatos Borok, but Wunderbares Ungarn and Wunderbarer Balaton also exist in German version).

It has now received a massive update, which has not changed much on the frontend, but the responsive version has been completely rewritten. The website has a lot of customizable functions, all of which I created with custom development, there are few plugins behind it. For this reason, any WordPress version can be updated at any time without 99% errors, the site will not fall apart.

Some functions that I built into the site, all based on my own engine:

  • Automated user registration with custom roles and customizable fields
  • Submission of entries (programs and places) to logged-in users after moderation
  • Banner manager with configurable banner locations and programmable date intervals
  • Homepage editor can be specified with main articles and category meta boxes
  • Automated external RSS reader from other websites (e.g. csodalatosbalaton.hu, bringazas.hu, etc.)
  • Webcam live view with customized embedded video player (programmed via rest API) from RTSP stream
  • Counting the most read articles with a unique measurement
  • Newsletter system
  • Additional articles loaded in background (Ajax-based) with custom compare system
  • Custom developed Google maps with location and program viewer
  • Filtered based on the date specified in a custom daterangepicker entry

We are currently developing the pages continuously, now with GIT version management.