Pirex internal webshop development in WooCommerce

SAP CRM system product, stock, order and all sales data synchronization and integration into the WooCommerce web store.

I made Pirex Papír’s webstore for internal use by XML-based updating. The products, orders and stock also come from the SAP, for I developed a SOAP-based module, which keeps the stock always up-to-date.

In addition, I made logging, user levels, different types of confirmation emails and an error reporting system to improve the daily work of employees. For example, the basket is purge after a certain time of inactivity, and bulk products can be added to the basket immediately with the push of a button. This system shows that the WooCommerce online webshop plugin can be customized to almost any needs, but you have to know WooCommerce itself and not try to solve with 10 other plugins what you can do with your own code.