Sublab.Pro WordPress sitebuild from a scratch by custom webdesign

I built this portfolio website from a scratch by custom webdesign with own grid system using WordPress.

I got another work from Ábris Gryllus, with whom we have already worked together. The result of our last cooperation is, whose contemporary dancer Jenna Jalonen, started a new project, which needed a new website.

I got the Sublab.Pro webdesign in Adobe Illustrator, I provide the hosting too. The website is simple, but good-looking. Only the SVG files had some problems. At first, we wanted the text in the figures to be editable, but in the end we cancelled it, because it will be updated quite rarely and it took too much time to solve it.

I used ACF Pro for the admin interface, there are no other plugins, just a firewall set up with the usual protection.