Pipitér Szigliget onepager website development from custom webdesign

I created the site from a custom webdesign, but using a premium Wordpress template with multilingual operation and some unique functions.

Based on a unique Figma webdesign, I had to create the portfolio website of the Pipitér Szigliget Balaton-felvidék accommodation. The request came from webdesigner Dominika Sándor, with whom we have already created several beautiful and functional websites. Since there was only a need for a one-pager website, I decided to use a premium template and customize it. I had to develop two extra functions: one is a bilingual function, the other is a form redirecting to the booking.com page with a drop-down date selector.

The mobile version was not trivial to do due to the webdesign with an abstract layout, but it can be seen here that if someone knows the HTML and CSS basics, such a build should not be a problem.

The biggest task was not this, but the modification of the main slider. The template had a custom-developed slider integrated by the WP Bakery plugin, but it didn’t work as the design required (e.g. page arrows, numbered slides), so I completely rewrote it adapting to the slider integrated in the template. (flickity slider). Thus, if the template is updated in the future, the function of the slider will remain, it will not fall apart, since I organized it in a separate class.

Original Figma design