Kaáli Auto-Motor Museum website building with an online booking system

Visitor website for the Kaáli Auto-Motor Museum with a complex, WooCommerce based, but custom developed reservation system.

I know Dr. Géza Kaáli-Nagy from the days of the Kaáli Institute, we created one of our first websites for him around 2005, also based on WordPress. Since then, Mr. Professor has been living off his car collection. He took his cars to Dörgicse and at first showed them only to us and a few friends. However, the collection was so impressive that several people asked him to open it to the public. It was opened in 2021, and I was entrusted with the creation of the website, which I also created in WordPress.

At first, only an introductory page was created for it, with a few photos and a contact form, but due to the increased interest, I wrote a complete, custom developed reservation system behind it. I integrated the WooCommerce plugin into the reservation system, so it was possible to shop online, and I also prepared the system for later needs (e.g. merchandising products, etc.).