Montana website development from custom webdesign

I created the website in WordPress based on a unique webdesign, but used a premium theme.

I have to create the Montana IT company’s website based on a unique webdesign. The request came from webdesigner Sándor Dominika, with whom I have been in close contact for years. Basically, minimal functionality was expected, with a few additions (objects that react to mouse movement) thrown in. I built the system from a premium theme under WordPress, with a few lines of PHP code and a couple of my own CSS additions and corrections (template creators always leave some bugs behind) in Hungarian and English. I cooperated with the administrator in domain name redirection, server settings (eg. Let’s encrypt certification and other PHP configuration) and switched the PHP mailer to SMTP which more secure.

This work also revealed that it is not enough for someone to be able to create a website, they also have to understand the complete process. Because even though WordPress looks simple, it still needs a well-configured Apache/NGINX server (where there should be a working Let’s encrypt certification, which does not sign itself), a PHP (where the PHP mailer is not deprecated), a MySQL database (MariaDB is preferable).