Attila Kónya

Attila Kónya 150 150 bacsoa

Attila and I have been working together on smaller and larger projects for 11 years. I mainly draw him out of the hat as a joker for clients whom creative design, trends, quality and forward-looking, long-term thinking are very important.

I recommend him to those who really want to entrust web design, website development, web programming and everything that the expression “we are on the web” means today. Because it is important how.

The strength of his approach lies in the fact that he knows everything related to the development of websites in depth. At the first partner consultation, he often has better ideas than those who run the business.

Attila is a very special person with a lot of experience, good intuition, and a professional attitude.

With its partner-oriented solutions it takes a lot of the burden off our shoulders.

He is an open, honest person, not many of whom I know, he is determined, he knows what he wants, and he takes it all the way!

Ábris Gryllus

Ábris Gryllus 150 150 bacsoa

Attila is always fast and works precisely. As a designer, I am very happy with his sensitivity to design and his attention to the smallest details. In addition to the fact that I have always received quality work from him, he has often improved the results of our joint work with very creative solutions.

Fecó Tóth

Fecó Tóth 150 150 bacsoa

I have been working with Attila for years, his professional knowledge and problem-solving skills are exceptional, so I bravely started working together with him. If I had to recommend a professional developer, it would be him.